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This handcrafted neckpiece is made of dyed coconut shells, amethyst and cord rope linked together by silver. Length 110 cm.

Coconut: pistachio green
Cord rope: green

The coconut parts vary slightly in nuance and size, adding value and unique character to every single neckpiece.

Colourful jewellery for colourful minds.
Heartcrafted by Lina Lunberg.

The Coco Colour Collection is a celebration of the colours and the nuances in our beautiful world and it is sprung from my belief that colour has a positive impact on your happiness and mine. I present my jewellery as personal reminders of everyone’s intrinsic powers, where each piece is unique and proposes a special meaning.

Today the collection consists of seven colourful neck pieces: Coco Happy, Coco Power, Coco Blossom, Coco Grow, Coco Joy, Coco Glory And Coco Luck. The collection will grow and my story of colour will be continued with multiple colour combinations.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions. Just send me an e-mail: info@linalundberg.se





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